Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Five things I am grateful for...

Lest we forget so soon to do are my five things:

1.) I am grateful that my in laws were able to go to their home as they wished to
While I was so glad to have them, I want them to be in their home when that is what they want
2.) I am grateful that we are done most of our Christmas shopping - we still have a little left and there has been a bit of sticker shock, but for the most part, things are done
3.) I am grateful for my bathrobe. It's a tad colder in here than I would like, so a warm fuzzy bathrobe is a good thing
4.) I am grateful for family that can roll with life's punches. I recently saw a sign that said, "Life is not about waiting out life's storms, it's about dancing in the rain," or something like that. I am soooo grateful that there are some members of my family who understand that
5.) I am grateful that I can write. Enuff said

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