Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, here it is...my preChristmas post...

So Daniel is in the bath tub. I am here writing. The other two have been bathed and showered. All that needs to happen is that we need to finish up Daniel's bath and I have to take a shower. Then we are off to the mall to finish our Christmas shopping. Sounds so industrious right? Except it's 1:24pm two days before Christmas and I am sitting here at the computer in my bathrobe and socks.

My mom called me this morning. She woke me up. It's no big deal except that I am feeling wiped out from the monthly visit from the cardinal if you know what I mean. My aunt Flo is in town. You know, the one who visits me every 28 days or so. I feel crampy. Headachy. Grumpy. My kids were letting me sleep things off this morning bless their hearts, and I was enjoying the benefits of electric blankets when she called. Sigh. Yes Mom. You woke me up, but it's ok.

The funny thing? She called to tell me how she pissed off my older brother and his wife by waking them up. Go figure.

Well, I gotta sign off for now. My kid is in the bathtub. I gotta get him out so I can get in.

Five things:

1.) I am grateful for laughter
2.) I am grateful for electric blankets
3.) I am grateful for warm showers
4.) I am grateful that the cardinal only visits for a week
5.) I am grateful for my sister who makes me feel young.

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