Sunday, December 7, 2008


Okay guys, so here's my bitch session. I love Steve and he's a great guy and WONDERFUL father, but he seems to have this issue with me going to sleep when I come home from an 11-7 shift. He finds any excuse to wake me up. I'm trying not to lose my temper, but I'm coming close to clubbing him like a baby seal.

He wakes me up today because my daughter's friend called to find out if she could come over. He felt I needed to call Brooke's mom to discuss. WHY? Can he not decide whether or not she can go over without me? His explanation was that we needed to go pick out decorations as a family for our lawn and I needed to work out with Brooke's mom how Allison could (if she wanted to go) go over around those plans, and IF she could go.

Now I'm kind of tired, so perhaps I am not seeing what the complication is here. But I really felt this was something he could have fielded on his own. Did he really need to wake me up for it? Really? I'm trying not to bite his head off, but I have to have my act together for the kids tomorrow, and if I don't want to be a real grouch, I need my 8 hours. Can't he understand that? Is it too much to ask to ask him to figure that out? Or am I just being a jerk and need to suck it up so we can do our family holiday stuff?

This morning when I first came home he and Christopher were spread-eagled across the bed. I lay down on the couch so I didn't have to disturb them. He wakes me up because Christopher peed on our bed. He said he needed help changing the sheets. Really? He couldn't handle changing the sheets so I could sleep? I was exhausted.

Gotta go...he's home and I want to try to sleep before he decides I have to do something else.

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