Monday, December 29, 2008

Yet Another Fill In Post...

Hey all (all who read this anyway). Hope everything is going well with you and yours. I'm going to make this brief as Daniel, my youngest, wants to cuddle. I just wanted to pop in for a brief moment to say I had a fabulous time in New Hampshire with my brother and his family, had a surprisingly good time out with my mother in spite of her financial woes, and am even prouder of my younger brother than before. He is a good man. I will tell you more about why later. Just know that I am growing in my admiration of him and hope that somehow he knows this.

Here are my five things that I am grateful for:
1.) I am grateful for the fact that Brady is back home. I missed my puppy. He has been very tired all day which shows that he had all the attention he needed and that makes me feel good.
2.) I am grateful that my husband is not a male chauvanist. He was a tremendous help as we cleaned our home up today.
3.) I am grateful that I found a sale and was able to buy my boys the winter jackets that they needed
4.) I am grateful for my children's desire to cuddle with me. I need and want their affection and want and need to give them affection.
5.) I am grateful that my nieces and nephews are doing well. I love them more dearly than they can know.

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